Who we are

Heads of department

Akelyeva Oksana

Dean of the Stage Design Faculty

Belousov Taras

Dean of the Acting faculty

Granitova-Lavrovskaya Ekateryna

Dean of the Directing faculty

Kruzhalov Andrey

Dean of the Ballet Master faculty

Odinokova Anna

Dean of the Variety show faculty

Skvortsov Pavel

Dean of the Producing faculty

Sopolyov Timofey

Dean of the Musical Theatre faculty

Zaychikova Olga

Dean of the Theatre Studies Faculty

Tutors in various disciplines

Bartoshevich Alexey

Head of the History of Foreign Theatre Department.

Bertman Dmitriy

Head of the Music Theatre Acting and Directing Department

Lyubimov Boris

Head of the GITIS History of the Russian Theater Department

Mamedov Elshan

Head of the Stage Arts Producing and Management Department

Morozov Stanislav

Head of the Stage Design Department

Nemchinsky Maximilian

Head of the Circus Directing Department

Ovchinnikov Vladimir

Head of the sound engineering department

Pankov Vladimir

Head of the Variety show Department

Sinyavskaya Tamara

Head of the Vocal Art Department

Vyacheslav Gordeev

Head of the Department of Choreography

Yashin Sergei

Head of the Acting department

Zakirov Aydar

Head of the Stage Movement department

Zhenovach Sergey

Head of the Drama Directing Department

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