Who we are

Russian Institute
of Theatre Arts

One of the full historical names of the school.
Abbreviation from Russian — GITIS.

Russian Institute of Theatre Arts GITIS by right is not only the greatest in Europe, but also one of the most prestigious schools of Drama at home and abroad.

The origin of GITIS starts from 1878 year and continues his continuous- development to this day. Today GITIS is a professional educational institution training in every discipline of the art form: acting, design, directing, musical theater, ballet-master, variety theater, history and criticism, theater management and production.

Grigory Zaslavskiy,
rector of GITIS

“If I would rephrase Gogol’s words, I would say that GITIS is an extraordinary phenomenon. First, it is the theatre in its development and, second, it is a reborn theatre which we will witness in nearest twenty years.”

GITIS has a long history, a well-earned reputation and a results-based work. Teaming up with foreign schools and working with students from the other countries, we strive to create an international theater training center, based on the unique traditions of Russian theatrical art.

Our educational institution can give to the students not only unforgettable impression but also an Invaluable experience of working with the famous professors and masters of their craft.

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